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5 Tips for Choosing the Right BJJ Gi

Posted by Michael Graham on

Choosing the Right BJJ Gi

Currently, there are an overwhelming number of companies offering BJJ Gis of varying prices, quality, and design. While many of the choices regarding BJJ Gis come down to personal preference, there are five main things to focus on before purchasing.


The first thing to consider when looking for your BJJ Gi is the fabric/material of both the jacket and pants. The three most common jacket fabrics are 350gsm, 450gsm, and 550gsm, ascending in order of thickness. If you think you would like a lightweight BJJ Gi to either competition, or to just be a little cooler during summer training, a 350gsm might be a good option for you. If you would prefer a BJJ Gi that "sticks" closer to your body, and is harder for your opponent to grip, a 550gsm BJJ Gi will likely be for you.

As for pants, you will mostly see three different fabric options: ripstop, twill, and canvas. Ripstop is a lightweight option that generally is more breathable, while cotton and canvas are generally heavier, more traditional options. It should also be noted that some people find twill and canvas BJJ Gi pants to be more comfortable.


When considering different BJJ Gis, the quality of construction is one of the most important factors to consider. One sign of a quality constructed BJJ Gi is consistency in the stitching. Look for additional, or triple-stitching, on all seems of both the pants and jacket. Be sure to examine the fabric and stitching at any of the stress points, such as the belt loops, knees/ankles, and sleeve cuffs. Is there an additional layer of fabric? Is there additional stitching? Does the extra layer of fabric on the knees go all the way to the pant cuff? One of the most common failures/tears in BJJ Gis is at the ankle.


Some BJJ Gis offer unique features that others do not. Extra thick belt loops, stretch-rope drawstrings, and jacket linings to name a few. Generally you will only find these features in high-end/high-priced BJJ Gis, but be on the lookout for more affordable options. 

4. Fit 

Many websites will feature pictures of a model wearing the BJJ Gis that they are selling. Try and see if you can tell how the Gi fits. Is it a loose fit? Or, more formfitting? Generally, formfitting BJJ Gis are more difficult for your opponent to grip, but can also be more restrictive. Another consideration is if you plan on drying your BJJ Gi using a clothes dryer, or air dry? If you prefer drying your BJJ Gis in the clothes dryer (as we do), you may want to consider sizing up to maintain a comfortable fit.

5. Design

Do you prefer elaborate/art designs, bold designs, or more modern/clean designs? The BJJ Gi is not only the uniform for BJJ, but also often offers an insight into the mindset of the person wearing it.

At Clear Jiu-Jitsu, we have designed our BJJ Gis with simplicity and clarity at their core. Focusing on limited edition releases, we aim to offer BJJ Gis that are extremely rare, but also affordable. Each numbered release at Clear Jiu-Jitsu delivers a combination of high-quality construction, modern design, and unique features to enhance your time on the mats. If this is what you're looking for, please feel free to checkout our selection of limited edition BJJ Gis at the link below:

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