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4 Important Features of Grappling Shorts

Posted by Michael Graham on

Grappling Short Features

There are currently many brands of grappling shorts on the market, all with a variety of different features. Since it would require a novel to cover all of these, we will focus on what we believe are arguably the four most important features to look for when purchasing a pair of grappling shorts. Clear Grappling Shorts are designed with all of the features you want, with none that you don't.

1. Lightweight Stretch Material

The most important feature of grappling shorts, is of course the material. There are grappling shorts aGrappling Shortsvailable made out of 100% polyester, different blends, and even hemp to name a few. Our Clear Grappling Shorts are made entirely of a lightweight stretch material with fully sublimated branding and triple stitched seams. The lightweight stretch material is durable, and allows freedom of movement while retaining little moisture.

2. Elastic Waistband

Grappling ShortsSecond on our list of important features is an elastic waistband. While there are weight and simplicity benefits to not having an elastic waistband, we have found that an elastic waistband significantly increases the fit and comfortability of grappling shorts. The Clear Grappling Shorts have an elastic waistband combine with a competition (formfitting) fit.

3. High-quality Velcro Closure

Grappling ShortsProbably the feature where durability is the biggest concern, is the velcro closure. With a high quality velcro closure, and a convenient pull tab, our Clear Grappling Shorts excel with this feature. 

4. Internal Drawstring

Grappling ShortsMany prefer an internal drawstring to maintain a secure fit when rolling. With a good elastic waistband, and correct sizing, sometimes an internal drawstring is not necessary. However, it is better to have the option of the internal drawstring and be able to decide to use it to anchor the shorts or not. Clear Grappling Shorts come with a stretch internal drawstring, along with the previously mentioned elastic waistband.

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